weed: the myths, the hype, the word, the buzz & facts.

How it all started

A liitle bit about how the weed grow started 


the little stogie farmer walking about.

Over a year ago the little $togie farmer wanted to start growing cannabis. So he ordered all the things he thought that he would need: an enclosure, lights, pots and some seed.

the little stogie farmer in a space ship travelling towards the planet grow.

A year passes as the little $togie farmer waits to clear a site for the enclosure. Finally the site is clear and the enclosure is erected.

the little stogie farmer walking away fromw his space ship.

The little $togie farmer ordered some soil and fertilize and some more auto flowering seeds from Grizzly Seeds.

the little stogie farmer watering the plants.

The seeds arrive and the little $togie farmer plants and waters them in and settles back to relax and wait for the germination to take place.

the little stogie farmer running to get things prepaired.

The little $togie farmer rushed to get everything prepared, he so excited.

the little stogie farmer looking at the growing sour orange.

After a tense wait the little cannabis plants started to sprout. The little $togie farmer was delighted with how things we turning out.

the little stogie farmer stood holding a stogie.

The little $togie farm was fascinated by cannabis, marijuana, spliff, blunt, flower, bud, ganja call it what you will: it interested the little $togie farmer.

He had smoked a lot of weed over the years and was sick of the hype and bullshit about his weed. He wanted to get high and that was about it: the rest of the connoisseur bullshit was as far as the little $togie farmer was concerned rubbish marketing hype.
There was a THC content to $togie and that is all that mattered to the little $togie farmer: the high the THC the better.
the little stogie farmer doing research.

The little $togie farmer had researched high THC strains of cannabis and found out that it is again a con: some of the highest content THC buds you can only get directly from the farms: like the toad or little devil. Nova OG was the one that m1sf1t had found it came in at about 35% thc but they were a photo period.

the little stogie farmer relaxing.

The little $togie farmer relaxed his ten pots had been planted and watered and they had started to sprout. He was continuing his research into $togie strengths.

the little stogie farmer stood next to a watering can.

It is day 2 of week 2 and the little $togie farmer watered the plants as they were starting to dry out. He was amazed at the growth of the plants, he would find out later how tall all the plants were when he measures them. Darwin used to watch plants a lot: he wanted to see if he could see them growing. I know they are growing all the time, but change is only noticeable over longer or more extended periods.